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The awakening call for beer:



Think about that: You get visited by a good friend, who never drank beer in his whole life and you want him to show, how delicious a brew can be.

What beer would you offer?

This question pops up, when the brewing masters of the Laitilan brewery where thinking about, what beer to brew, in the year 2001. The proud result was the Kukko Pils. A tasty beer, without being to much, combined with a strong interesting character, without being fancy.

in short: spectacular - unspectacular

By accident we found out, that the Kukko Pils is also glutenfree. The Laitilan brewery did the pioneer work on the glutenfree world market with the invention of Kukko Pils, at a time, nobody asks for glutenfree products.


All Kukko beers are brewed and bottled in Finland, according to the Bavarian Purity Law, which means to use only following ingrediences: 

water, hops, barely malt and yeast 

Wow, Wow Wow, slow down! Glutenfree beer with barly malt?

YES, in deed!

The brewing process is a good kept secret. We are only allowed to share this information: No enzymes are used, at all. Gluten are removed effectivly and are not hidden in between. The amount of Gluten is clearly below 20 ppm which is the requirement to call a product "glutenfree".

Kukko tastes like beer should and is an enjoyment for everybody. In addition it can also be drank by people willing to live glutenfree or are, unfornunately, forced to do so, because of celiac disease..


Our sorts of beers:



sort of beer: Pilsener

glutenfree: Yes

brewed: bottom fermeted

alcohol 5,5 % Vol.

EBU: 35

OG: 13,5 %

hops: Northern Brewer, Hersbrücker

barly malts: Pilsner, Caramel Pale

packaging: 0,5l cans, 20l key keg

type of beer:

medium - bitter excellent Pils




sort of beer: Bavarian Helles Lager

glutenfree: Yes

brewed: botton fermented

alcohol: 5,0 % Vol.

EBU: 26

OG: 12,2 %

hops: Magnum, Perle

barly malts: Pilsner, Caramel Pale

packaging: 0,5l cans, 20l key keg

type of beer:

a typical bavarian beer with a lightly sweet note




sort of beer: Dark Lager

glutenfree: Yes

brewed: bottom fermeted

alcohol: 4,5 % Vol.

EBU: 18

OG: 11,6 %

hops: Northern Brewer, Saaz

barly malts: Pilsner, Crystal 150, Black

packaging: 0,5l cans, 20l key keg

type of beer:

a malty, spicy and irresistable delicious beer


Green minded

During the brewing process a lot of energy in form of electricity is necessary. The Laitilan brewery cares about our environment and our planet. Since 1995 we use only alternative, clean and sustained energy in form of wind power. Since 2018 solar power in addition.

We decided to use cans instead of bottles. In cans we make sure to keep our high quality standards and no taste alterating sunrays are able to influence our beer. Furthermore, cans are recycable to 100% and don't have to be washed with a huge amount of water.

Find your personal favourite beer in the sorts of Kukko and let us here your awakening call for beer: 

Kukko - Kippis*

*Kippis = finnish word for "Cheers Mate"

Kukko Bier- ist Glutenfrei

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